Meet Tom Hamilton

San Bruno Born and Raised

My parents Lil and Dale Hamilton moved from San Francisco to San Bruno in 1964, and purchased a house in the recently completed Crestmoor 3 development. I was born here in San Bruno and educated in the San Bruno Park school district. I received my Bachelor’s degree from San Francisco State University, and entered the IT industry. I worked my way up in the same organization for 25 years to the Director position I hold today, designing operations and finance processes in a large and complex healthcare organization, managing a team of 28 talented analysts.

At the turn of the millennium I met my amazing wife Karen, and we returned to San Bruno in 2005 where we are now raising our own family, in that same house on Crestmoor Drive.

I love these knuckleheads.

After returning to San Bruno I wanted to start giving back. In 2007 I volunteered for and was appointed to the Traffic, Safety & Parking Committee, where I served as a committee member and chairperson for 12 years. In 2019, I was appointed to the Planning Commission, where I serve today.

My years of experience have given me ample insight into how San Bruno government works, and, more importantly, where we must innovate and improve. This experience means that, if elected, I will be ready to contribute on Day 1 and collaborate with my council colleagues and City staff to get things done.