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I’m very fortunate to be set up for success in this election with my strong grassroots organization, which continues to grow. If you would like to join us, there are several ways you can help:

Display a Yard Sign

If you would like to show your support with a lawn sign, please send me your address privately via email or Facebook Messenger and we’ll be happy to deliver one to you.


If you want to help by stapling door hangers or canvassing, please reach out to me via email or Facebook Messenger using the links below.


Even with the extremely modest campaign I intend to run, with lawn signs, door hangers and other expenses it will be difficult to do it all alone. If you have the means and can donate any amount, I would greatly appreciate it.

One caveat, and this is very important to me: If you do not live in or own a business within San Bruno, or if I do not know you, I will politely return your donation. I stand firmly against outside interests influencing our local elections.

Spread the Word

The absolute best way you can help won’t cost you a penny: if you believe in me, then tell your friends and neighbors in San Bruno and invite them to come here to my website or follow my campaign page on Facebook to learn about me and where I stand on the issues affecting our city. There is absolutely nothing more powerful and persuasive than a recommendation from those in the community who we trust.

Thank you!

Contact Us

Have a question? Want a Yard Sign? Want to Help? Please reach out to us!

Friends of Tom Hamilton for San Bruno City Council 2020

FPPC #: 1428045


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