Measure G

I supported Measure G, the half-cent Sales Tax that voters approved in 2019. The measure allowed the funds to be used for General Fund purposes, but be tracked separately and subject to oversight by an appointed committee of citizens.

The $8.3 million budget deficit cannot be ignored, and it’s tempting to apply all of the Measure G funds against the deficit. But we also cannot ignore that the Measure G campaign was sold to us as a means of funding desperately needed street repairs that have been repeatedly deferred for many years.

I advocate for a balanced approach, where we spend 50% of Measure G funds on street repairs and 50% to address the budget deficit, then reassess as our financial situation changes.

Regarding the oversight committee, unfortunately the committee selected does not adequately represent the diversity of San Bruno. If elected I will work with council colleagues to address the makeup of this committee to ensure everyone in San Bruno is represented.

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